The Vice, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017

American Paradox, Napa Valley

Batch #13

“In the early 90’s, wine was promoted as a key element of a healthy diet under the term

French Paradox. To most, a daily glass of wine blessed them with a lifetime of

recreation and pleasure. To me, a daily bottle of wine suavely aligned me in a lifelong

path in which; wine is my livelihood, my passion and my #1 Vice”.

 -Malek Amrani

2017 Vintage

As a true small batch wine brand, we excel at bringing you single vineyard expressions from different appellations of Napa Valley. Batch #13 “American Paradox” is about manifesting Napa’s diverse Cabernet Sauvignon character in one glass. This unfiltered wine was meticulously craftedfrom four of Napa’s most prestigious and historical vineyards.

A wild vintage! The year began with abundant rainfall following a historic five years of drought. A mild spring followed by a freak hail storm in June. Three heat waves during summer led us to harvest all four vineyards in September and saved this vintage from the wildfires that ravaged the region starting October 8th.

Single Vineyards

55% Rutherford (Vineyard first planted in 1895)
15% Stags Leap, 15% Diamond Mountain, 15% Atlas Peak

Tasting Notes

The American Paradox batch leads with scents full and rich with dark fruit galore soaring from the glass, alongside sandalwood, pine and forest floor. The first taste is a pleasurable attack on the senses, the above notes are covered in a velvety texture with dark chocolate notes and spice. The mid-palette is enormous with finely integrated tannins that glide this wine’s multi-dimensional fruit character, through a powerful prodigious finish that last for minutes.

Decanting will benefit this wine for early pleasure, cellaring promises enjoyment for decades to come.


  • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon - 30 days skin contact

  • 17 months barrel aging in 100% New French Oak

  • Sustainable farming and winemaking practices

  • 420 Cases crafted