The Vice Chardonnay, 2013, Batch #1

Our very first batch

A 100% chardonnay that has been aging in oak barrels for 36 months. While only a few wineries in the world will ever release a Chardonnay that has been aging for this long, we believe that the craftsmanship of such quality wine requires patience.

The wine comes from 21 hand selected barrels representing the best appellations of both Sonoma County (75%) and Napa Valley (25%).


2013 Vintage

2013 is certainly known as one of the best vintages of the past decade. 2013 is a high quality and generous vintage for most of Sonoma County and Napa Valley.

The growing season was off to a great start marked by healthy winter rains. Following a warm and dry spring with near ideal conditions for bringing grapes to maturity, the harvest was remarkably smooth. The handpicked grapes showed great balance of acidity and sugar, color, tannin structure and optimal flavor development.

Our high quality grapes were carefully grown with a great respect to the environment and had minimal interference with the natural organic environment of the vines.


The Fermentation Process

While most wineries globally add industrial yeast to the harvested grape juice for a spontaneous fermentation, our Chardonnay juice was fermented naturally only relying on its indigenous wild yeast. This risky, slow process (that is only practiced nowadays by a few high end wineries) produces a natural wine that truly expresses its terroir.


The Aging Process

Right after fermentation, the wine goes into new oak barrels. 90% new French oak from different reputable cooperage houses and 10% (2 barrels) of the finest new Hungarian oak barrels.

After six months of aging, 50% of the wine is then transferred to neutral French oak barrels. Two and half of years later, the wine from all 21 barrels is combined to reveal itself as a unique Chardonnay. This blend delicately walks the balance between Burgundian minerality and California ripeness.

Our intensely individuality styled chardonnay succeeds at pleasing the palates of the young exploring generation and the ones of the established Chardonnay connoisseurs.

This unfiltered wine was bottled on September 22nd, 2016.


Tasting Notes

The bouquet on this vibrant wine is so inviting, layer upon layer of tropical aromas dominated by fresh pineapples, dried peaches and zesty fresh lime.

Floral notes of honeysuckle, vanilla fall spices pull you in.

In the mouth, the wine profess to be so rich and full bodied. It first coats the palate with a mouthfilling creamy texture that nicely compliments the tropical bouquet. Then, the vibrant acidity leads to a long unforgettable long finish.  


Aging Potential

This wine shows great characteristics that makes it very enjoyable now. Since the wine is unfiltered and has a brilliant acidity, it can age and keep developing within the next 5 years if stored properly.