The Vice Howell Mountain Cabernet, 2016, Batch #8

2016 Vintage

Our on going quest to produce the best wines from Napa Valley at a consumer friendly price point has inspired us to raise the bar a little higher and showcase in our newest release Batch #8; one of the most unique and prestigious Sub-AVA in the world, Howell Mountain. 

Howell Mountain

Nested at an average elevation of 2000 feet, so discreet with curvy roads yet only 10 miles from the epicenter and bustle of the valley, Napa’s first Sub-AVA is known for some of the biggest Cabernet Sauvignon in the world.

Above the clouds with less than 30 producers and less than 1000 acres of planted vines, Howell Mountain vineyards is home to some of the most iconic and prestigious Napa Valley producers: Duckhorn, Cakebread, Cade and O’Shaughnessy to name a few.


Blessed with a unique micro-climate, our single vineyard enjoys east, north and west sun exposure. When the fog blankets Napa Valley, it’s sunny on Howell Mountain but it’s also colder during the day. An average rainfall twice as much as the rest of the valley  and a unique volcanic ash/red clay soil mix excellent for high drainage. This little difference makes Cabernet Sauvignon vines struggle to produce small clusters of tiny grapes. The smaller grapes have a higher skin-to-juice ratio resulting in deeper-colored wine with higher tannin. Howell Mountain Cabernets are some of the most concentrated wines in the world.

 Photo taken from above the clouds at our neighbors, Cimarossa.

Photo taken from above the clouds at our neighbors, Cimarossa.

Tasting Notes

Tasting a Howell Mountain Cabernet, is like filling your cheeks with dried blackberries while smoking a cigar.

Technical Information

  • PH: 3.85

  • TA: 6.56 (g/L)

  • MA: 0.06

  • Alcohol: 14.75%

  • Production: 190 cases

  • Bottling date: In work for November, 2018